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The Pleasant Valley War

An End To The Graham-Tewksbury Feud

Episode 439 looks into one of the great family and land feuds of the Old West, the classic squabble between the sheep herders and cattle ranchers. Oddly, the best descriptions of the central event comes from a preliminary hearing for one of the accused. By the time the incident got to an actual trial, the newspapers seemed to have lost interest. Good story though, with good reliable tropes, including one of my favorites, what I like to call “courtroom shenanigans.”

Culled from the historic pages of the Arizona Republic, the Arizona Weekly Star, and other newspapers of the era.

If you want to dig deeper on this case, check in at the Safe House at, where you can listen to an extended edit of this episode that includes more information on the hearing testimony, or dig really deep and explore the official case file.

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