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Murder In The Klondike

Homer Bird’s Gold Fever

Episode 438 takes place during the great Alaskan gold rush when a group of adventurous businessmen from New Orleans leave their families and risk all in a quest to gain riches beyond imagination. Yeah, that’s not gonna end well, but the most interesting part of this drama is the influence of two women in the defendant’s life. One, a literal gold-digger, the other, the faithful wife who stands by her husband’s side til the bitter end.

Culled from the historic pages of the Times-Picayune, The Washington Times, and other newspapers of the era.

If you want to dig deeper on this case, check in at the Safe House at, where you can listen to an extended edit of this episode that includes more information on the background and family life of the murderer and the victim, or dig really deep and explore the official case file.

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  • Media management by Sean Miller-Jones

  • Richard O Jones, Executive Producer

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