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The Lake Bluff Furnace Girl

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

The Burning Love Of Elfrieda Knaak

Episode 364 tells an unusual story of a broken-hearted young woman found naked and fatally burnt in the basement of a police station. Her family, the police, and the general public find it hard to believe that she could have torched herself in such a horrific manner, so the hunt is on for proof of a murder.


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The Box of Oddities:

Crime Salad:

Out of the Shadows:

Invisible Choir:

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  • Also from Pulpular Media:

  • Portals to Possibility, an improvised comedy about an alternate reality, where monsters are real--and hilarious!!! Visit for a brand-new episode.

  • Catastrophic Calmaties, Exploring the famous and forgotten disasters of the 19th and 20th centuries. What could go wrong? Everything!

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  • Opening theme by Nico Vitesse.

  • Incidental music by Nico Vitesse, Chuck Wiggins, and Dave Sams. Some music and sound effects licensed from

  • Closing theme by Dave Sams and Rachel Schott, engineered by David Hisch at Third Street Music.

  • Media management by Sean Miller-Jones

  • Richard O Jones, Executive Producer


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