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How do I transfer EML into Outlook 2019 2013, 2016, and 2010?

The process of importing EML files into the Outlook application is contingent upon the place of origin and the number of EML files. In the same way, there are a variety of options to help you import EML into Outlook. These solutions work for all Outlook versions, including 2019and 2016, 2013, and 2010. Let's look at each one by one.

NOTE: Keep in mind to create a backup of EML files before you begin to perform these tasks.

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A. Dragging EML File to Outlook

This is a simple method and should be applied in the following scenarios.

  • When EML files are saved separately on the system hard drive

  • If you've got a specific EML file folder, it is on your system

  • If no email client other is installed, other than Outlook is installed, Outlook will be the only choice.

Now that you are aware of all scenarios where you can apply this technique We'll let you be aware of the procedure to use it.

  1. Launch using the Microsoft Outlook application on your system.

  2. Navigate to the folder in which EML files are stored, and open the file.

  3. Drag EML files and drop them onto its Microsoft Outlook application mailbox folder.

  4. Repeat this procedure for the other EML file folders if would like to have one file after the other.

  5. In the future, you will be in a position to view and open EML documents in Outlook.

Notice: Email attachments cannot be transferred into Outlook via this drag and drop technique for EML files.

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