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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Business Administration – Accounting Degree provides students with financial, business and communication skills required to enter the accounting field. The students are taught about cost accounting, financial accounting, financial reporting, and auditing and the students are also given the practical knowledge that can be used in their career ahead. The Business Administration – accounting degree combines the management and general education courses to help students apply in general management, communication, logic and problem solving to workplace challenges.

Why online Business Administration – Accounting? Online Business Administration – Accounting degree enables students to study here from the comfort of their home at their own speed with minimum disturbance in their life. Professionals can carry on with their jobs while studying the online. Benefits of Business Administration – Accounting The business administration degree is very beneficial as the students are gaining knowledge about business and accounts together. The students are able to enhance their skills in business accounting. Job Profile Job Profile of people after pursuing Business Administration – Accounting are: Private Accountant - Accountant tracks the companies’ expenses, prepare, analyze and verify financial documents. They have to keep track of the payments and taxes that they are made on time. Management Accountant - They are the members of the executive team who record, analyzes the information about budgets, costs and assets. Strategic planning or product development is supported by the accountants work. They can also write financial reports for stockholders, creditors or government agencies. Public Accountant - They performs audit and prepare taxes for corporations, non-profit organizations, government agencies and individuals. Government Accountant and Auditor - They maintain and examine government records, or they audit private businesses or individuals on the government`s behalf. Internal Auditor are Fiscal Police Officer - They verify the accuracy of an organization`s financial records and look for mismanagement and fraud. Career Opportunities If the students have set their sights on a professional accounting or financial management career, this program will help them achieve their goal. The students have career opportunities in areas such as marketing, sales, business administration, legal office administration, accounts receivables, etc. The students can get the positions as: Chief Financial Officer Cost Accountant Accounting Analyst Budget Analysts General Accountants Internal Auditors Office Managers Assistant Controllers Tax Manager Management Trainees in Banking and other business sectors Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Accounting The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Accounting degree is the basic course. This program prepares students with the skills and academic knowledge for entry level or management training positions in various business enterprises. The students have a wide variety of career prospects at the start of their career.

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